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I have been a nature lover, outdoorsman, hunter and fisherman since I was a kid growing up in western Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Maryland.  I began drawing, painting and wood working in middle and high school and began working in clay in 2007.  I find that working in 3D is actually easier for me.  I don't have to try to make a 2D image look 3D, I can just work on the piece as it would be.  I love the lost wax process.  It is an ancient art that with today's modern materials allows an artist to do some amazing things.  


My family and I relocated to Monument, CO in 2012 where I currently work from my home studio.  My foundry is located in Denver where I do my casting and patina work.  I continue to love the outdoors and am always looking for the next adventure. 


I do original, limited edition work and am happy to talk through commissioned pieces from miniature to monumental.   

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2015 - Loveland Fine Art Show, Loveland, CO

2015 - Western Spirit Art Show, Cheyenne, WY

2015 - Steamboat Summer Solstice Soire, Steamboat Springs, CO

2015 - Art In The Park, Manitou Springs, CO

2015 - Pro Rodeo Hall Of Fame Exhibition

2015 - Artstir, Denver, CO

2016 - Western Spirit Art Show, Cheyenne, WY

2016 - Loveland Fine Art Show, Loveland, CO

2016 - Artstir, Denver, CO


Tel: 267 934 5098


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